Boycott Hickmans Farms Eggs

Underpaid prison labor, drastic mistreatment of chickens, disregard for health and safety: it's time to put Hickman's Farms out of business


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Some of Hickman's Abuses

Prisoners lived on the Hickman's facility during the Covid-19 crisis to provide cheap, captive labor.

"In an extraordinary move, the Arizona egg behemoth Hickman's Family Farms is moving more than half of its inmate workforce out of prison and into company housing closer to its barns so that it can continue to use prison labor to produce eggs during the coronavirus pandemic." -Phoenix New Times, March 25, 2020

Hickman's has a documented history of animal abuse.

"'It was very appalling. We saw things that I can only describe as criminal animal cruelty. Horrific to say the least,' Esser said. 'What stuck with me is the overall screaming. Walking inside seeing piles of dead babies, dead bodies. Millions of eyes looking at you. You can see the air, and that was one of the most shocking things is how much filth was in the air, and how much is going outside.' -Arizona Mirror, December 13, 2019

Residents of Tonopah have complained of toxic pollution from the Hickman's "farm" in their community.

"'The millions of chickens at Hickman’s industrial-sized farms in Arlington and Tonopah create dust, feathers, flies and a 'sickening stink' residents and community groups contend in state and federal lawsuits. They say the release of ammonia and another gas affects their health, with symptoms including difficulty breathing and feeling nauseated after eating because of the stench in the air.
-Arizona Republic, Feb 28, 2018

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